About us

Our path’s in Canada was gearing towards a thriving career in the Engineering and Architecture fields, but as immigrant sisters and moms, something was missing and the comfort of a safe career was no substitute to that vacant feeling…

In uniting our organizational and visionary skill sets that we had become accustomed to over the course of our young careers, we leaped!

Pursuing our passion into the arts seemed like an impossible endeavour but with persistence and patience we carved out a palatable business model.

Starting with a blank canvas and a surplus of creative energy we endured long days and nights while juggling 4 toddlers! As working moms can relate, it was overwhelming but we knew that our passion for art and customer experience would push us through.

The seamless balance of talent and personality started to take shape as You and I Paint Inc. was formed, in the middle of a Pandemic! Good’ol 2020!

However, timing is everything and the opportunity was seized to transform into an award winning, multi platformed sip and paint business.

A class online with family or a night out painting with friends surrounded by a scenic backdrop is fully possible with You and I Paint. 

Art is therapy and we promise to create a comfortable, stimulating and elegant environment for absolutely anyone to enjoy.

Welcome to the family!

Join us for our next paint night!

We have tons of events coming up that we would love for you to join!