Discover a Local Getaway:
Where Art Meets Elegance

Join us on our next You and I Paint event – an extraordinary voyage where art flourishes within nature’s embrace, and creativity knows no bounds. The best part? No art experience required. 


Each event we orchestrate unfolds as a dinstinct odyssey.
Meticulous. Artistic. Memorable.


Art, Elegance & Wine — The Quintessence of Life's Luxuries.

Paint with passion alongside cherished friends, family or even solo in breathtaking vineyards, grand ballrooms, and majestic estates. Yearning for a touch of luxe? Contact us for an exclusive You and I Paint soirée or be our guest at renowned events throughout Ontario & the Greater Toronto Area.

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Unleash Your Inner Artist at Our Exclusive Public Events
Dive into a world of colours and creativity, sipping your favourite drink as you bring your vision to life on canvas. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a first-time painter, our events are designed to inspire and entertain everyone.
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You and I Paint is your one-stop destination for all event needs, from milestone birthdays and cherished family gatherings to corporate events and girls’ nights. Our dedicated team ensures that every detail aligns with your vision, turning your dreams into reality. Whether you’re celebrating love, life, or a special moment, we craft bespoke experiences tailored to your desires.

Brushstrokes of Praise
From Our Inspired Painters