About Us​

Our Story

As immigrant sisters and mothers, we initially pursued careers in Engineering and Architecture in Canada, deeming them as safer choices, yet realizing an unfulfilled passion for the arts. Combining our organizational and visionary skills, we pursued this dream despite the challenges of being working moms with four toddlers, establishing You and I Paint Inc. in 2020, just months before the pandemic hit.

Navigating survival through the pandemic’s colour zones was no small feat, but we managed to operate legally and safely throughout the red, orange, and yellow zones.

Presently, with a team of ten incredible women, our award-winning paint and sip business spans various platforms, offering both online classes and in-person events against breathtaking backdrops in the Golden Horseshoe region in southern Ontario.

We ardently believe in the therapeutic potency of art, curating a welcoming and sophisticated environment for all. Welcome to our artistic family!

Our Mission

Elevate the art of self-expression by providing an exquisite and refined environment where creativity, relaxation, and connection converge.

Our Vision

Redefining the paint and sip experience into a realm of timeless luxury and refined self-discovery. With a dedication to artistic mastery, curated social connections, and the ultimate in comfort and aesthetics, we aspire to shape the future of creative enrichment, one stroke of genius at a time.